Fsx md 11 panel

Downloading it now!! Is it payware or freeware? It sure looks cool! Does anyone know of any good sounds for the MD? I think I might install Fedex MD at sometime and a panel maybe even this one and I would like some sounds to.

KurtYou can't be looking very hard! Firstly, freeware, and amazing freeware at that. Alain's site link above is in French, English and Frenglish so you've no excuse for not understanding it. I flew his old panel Swissair package a lot and I can highly recommend it. I already have seven hours on this new one too! There's a lot of work in it. A quick hunt in the library will also show you that iFDG have already produced a good soundset for their MD models.

Or maybe you haven't even found those yet I whole heartedly agree with Mark. Alain's panel is awesome, I've used it since FS98, the first one I remember with cabin sounds. If you even have a passing interest in the MD, this panel is a must have. And freeware to boot. For any of y'all FS simmers -- like me -- this awesome panel works perfectly in FS And guess what??????

His stand alone ACS load edit app also works. You can configure each bird before take off -- so cool : All I had to modify in the panel. Racartron,you read my mind, because I keep on asking myself whether the ifdg MD is flyable in FS as well. Is it? Did you try? And in that panel. It is definitely flyable in FS I do have to live with FPS in the range of 10 to 15 but that is because of my low end system.No login or registration required.

Pop-ups include radar. Original bitmaps by Overland Co. Bucoli's bitmaps courtesy of Mediterranea Virtual. Additional gauge adaptations by the author. Additional liveries are available.

MD-11 Overhead Panel Tutorial (1 / 2)

FS compatible panel configs are included. We reopened in June as wizzsim. Account Username. Remember Me. Log in. X-Plane Regards, Matt cooker. Created Rating 0 votes.

Downloads System FSX. Size Flight Sim Latest. The P3D v4. Alpha Build Update 1. Users have tested a few of our sceneries in P3D V5 and so far, there seems to be no issues. Users can feel free to Here are some things we would like you to know.

Please read through all of it, so that we don't have We have checked products for major compatibility issues and so far we are pleased to say that the majority are working as X-Plane Latest.

Hi Guys! We hope your all doing well with the way the world is right X-Plane X-Plane Steam users: it's on the servers and we'll hit go in a few hours if we don't hear reports of massive crashing and Steam users: it's on the servers and we'll hit go in a few hours if we don't hear reports of massive crashing and pain.

We received a lot of bug reports fromThe archive md11fedx. View them. This list displays the first files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them. Having decided that I wanted to mess around with a MD for the first time in a while, I saw this. Waiting on a package from FedEx, it felt like a sign.

So, I picked up the full package and installed this MDF setup. What I immediately noticed upon installation and loading was just how detailed the textures were. Many times you can use an add-on like this, and the writing on a comparatively simple livery like FedEx would look cheap and blurred. This had no such issues, though, instead providing a clear and finished looking design on the livery. Again, the livery for FedEx is hardly blow your mind stuff.

This stands up well against the default and other professionally created versions, for sure. Operation of the aircraft is also extremely easy to make use of. Overall, it flies in much the same way as many other MD aircraft — a little challenging, but vastly powerful.

The reward, though, is a wonderfully powerful aircraft that has so many options to pick from. Just follow the basic instruction options and put each of the corresponding folders where they should be.

fsx md 11 panel

It really is that simple to use — everything you need is included to make flying this aircraft as simple as it can be. Remember to turn on the tool tips by the way; the cockpit is a little overwhelming at first without one. With that said, though, you can then use the tool tips to start making use of all of the added functions that this has included. I found this to be very easy to fly and manage as a consequence. The attention to detail goes a long way to ensuring that this is an aircraft which is a fair amount of fun to fly.Apr 18, Home Forums Search Donate Help.

Zip file preview. Another panel for this aircraft - particularly for the Arrow built by Hauke Keitel. With gauges made by H. Keitel but some new XML gauges by the author. Keitel stays unchanged. By Pierre Fasseaux. Uses a photorealistic bitmap and only default gauges.

Panel made by Marco Spada. Includes the new radar gauge developed by Eric Marciano for fighter jets: radar gauge showing AI aircraft and multi-player aircrafts plus HUD gauge with adjustable brightness. By Eric Marciano. Built from scratch for FSX, and at higher resolution than previous versions. Works well within the 3-D virtual cockpit. Multiple zooms in 2D also supported. Very little framerate loss in fullscreen. See pics and video within.

McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Multi-Livery FSX & P3D

Many pics and vids within, as well as useful and informative documents, including actual carrier pattern specs. By Scott Printz. Created for an MD but could be used in some other 3 engine jets. WestWind Airlines Version. By John J Schumacher.Prefer a cargo version of the aircraft.

Perfect Flight – Fly the MD-11 For FSX and FS2004

There is one listed on FlyAway but it does not work. Hey Astrosteve, the one that b3mmredm provided a link for might be worth keeping an eye on - didn't know Aerosoft was in the process of making one.

I've got some Aerosoft add-ons, one word: Quality. I and many others have been waiting for the PMDG MD which was originally scheduled for fs9, but since FSX has already been shipped, they probably decided to do a thorough rework and put a decent, FSX product on the market instead.

Off course the iFDG sounds are aliased to the defaultbut the soundsets I've imported to FSX work perfectly and there's more than one to choose from - just give us a holler. There is one by sky simulations. But a word of waring i have not been able to install it in fs9. It is payware but it does look very good in the screen shots.

Wow, Thanks for all the support guys!!!! Listen I am not the greatest at attemptin to add aircraft in FSims. I struggled early on with FS9. And how to correctly add the panel and sounds. It appears that the original model was developed way back in the fs2k2 days and consequently updated and updated and updated Check it out if you want; there are fancy stairs and groundvehicles but those gimmicks speak for themselves.

Personally I wouldn't spend money on it. Click OK and continue with the installation wizard. Finally you should have the Folder you created "McDonnell Douglas MD" on your desktop containing everything you need to begin with.

Now extract the contents of the Effects. Keep opening the resulting Effects folders until you get to the actual effects: three of them, flap, wingtip and tchdwn. Copy and paste those three. Now you can delete all the leftover effects folders with or without contents from your "McDonnell Douglas MD" folder as we've already taken care of the effects. Now open the panel folder.

FSX MD-11 Simmer's Sky Project

Inside is the panel. Almost done -- we want a cool sound for our MD though. It's a GE soundset but there are PWs available as well if you wanna get more realistic. Again, extract the contents of the. Only that 'sound' folder as it is has to go into our "McDonnell Douglas MD" folder -- overwrite when prompted.

Go fly. This and other lines can be edited to the individual's liking but we better leave this for another time. Any probs, questions -- keep asking, I'll drill your ears 'til you get a toothache. I know I probably have explained procedures that didn't need explaining. For that I apologize. If you wish to expand your iFDG MD fleet with more textures and different models there's plenty to be had.

Keep in mind though, that many repainters don't pay attention to such minor details as FDE updates or texture updates.

fsx md 11 panel

It looks more complicated than it is. Hey Tailhook have to agree with you on the skysimulations MD11 a big mistake on my part buying it. It is a nightmare to install!When the package is installed, you will be able to install and uninstall very easily the panel on any MD aircaft installation of previously mentionned authors, by using a custom program specially developed for this purpose see picture here after.

This program will not only link the panel to the aircraft, but will also install a complete tuning of the flight dynamic model and all adaptations required by the panel.

If you want it, this program will also allow you to install, into the aircraft directory, ACS LoadEdit, a payload editor. You will be either able to directly choose the appropriate parametrization for the MD type.

This version of the panel goes farther than a simple adaptation to FS For more informations on this matter, you can read here the file "readme. You can also refer to the informations given in the page "Swissair MD, the full package" in french language only. Enhanced bitmap of panel version 2. On entends "Traffic! On this picture, you can see the sequence of a TCAS alarm collision alarm. Screen 1 show the threating aircraft in descent, feets below us. Screen 3is the TCAS alarm. We hear "Traffic!

Screen passed automatically in alarm mode and do not display anymore the flight plan. On screen 4TCAS has ordered "Descend, crossing descend", because the aircraft is still climbing and is placed under us.

On screen 5the threat goes away. On screen 6the threat is out of the way, aircraft is outside of the critical distance, the screen return in normal mode. On this picture, you can see in action, the new WX radar fonction of the gauge "map", with three scales of the same weather situation. You also notice that this gauge is now complete, with the ARC heading graduation and other improvements to discover!!! The compatibility of the panel with any configurations of payload, usage of the same basic tuning for either iFDG or Mike Stone aircrafts, the improvement of the front grear auto-landing.

The addition of the auto-throttle automatic takeoff mode TOGA. The addition of a new "Map vector graphic" gauge and the TCAS function collision avoidance systemwith 4 different display modes. A new enhanced panel bitmap and true MD lateral views. Finally, the "must", certainly the first and only freeware pannel to include a very precise weather radar function with simulation in real time of the beaming. For more details, please read file "UpgradeNote.

New TCAS respecting the ft separation. The main improvements brought by all these different upgrades are: The compatibility of the panel with any configurations of payload, usage of the same basic tuning for either iFDG or Mike Stone aircrafts, the improvement of the front grear auto-landing.

Sons moteur MD optionels, version 1. Contactez le WebMaster pour vos remarques ou commentaires concernant ce site.The only reason that I put the proviso "appears" to work is because I have not actually flown it yet, but it loaded on the first run post-install with no issues, and all systems appear to be fully functional. I've been at my computer for hours installing and configuring add-on scenery and airports, so will put off the first test flight until later today - but it certainly appears that I will at least have a PMDG long-haul aircraft to use in FSX-SE, until the newer titles can be modified to work.

This is good for all.


Only morons don't appreciate the PMDG md, and what it means. Are devs planning to create a Steam compatible version of it anyway? I still have not yet gone airborne with the MD in SE, but I have done the complete flow from starting with a cold and dark cockpit, through powering up the systems, entering a route and performance data in the MCDU, starting engines and doing all pre-taxi systems checks, to taxiing to the hold-short point at the runway.

I have saved the situation at that point, and will do the actual flight later today, as we are heading out shortly for family Christmas dinner.

If you install SE on a computer which never had original FSX, SE will install itself with all files, folders and config files in "standard" locations, so an SDK-compliant add-on and installer should work just as it would with the original FSX. Things get more complicated on a system which already has FSX installed, as SE will put its config files in non-standard folders, and its registry entries will likely not be easily found by an installer expecting "old" FSX.

I think that the main issue right now with the NGX and not working in even an SE-only installation is the use of a more complex activation system, requiring a running service flexnet in order for the aircraft to load and function properly. The MD and use a much simpler activation system, requiring only a one-time verification of order number and customer account info at the time of installation.

Thank so much!

fsx md 11 panel

Md is my preferred aircraft. How did you install MD? I just used the standard MD11 installer. The main FSX files will be eliminated, but all the old FSX registry entries will remain, as will several config files.

The continued existence of these files will prevent an add-on installer from finding SE. You would need to uninstall FSX via the control panel first. CFG lives. It should install exactly like original FSX, and put the location of it's main folder in the proper location in the registry where older FSX add-on installers will look first I realize this is a bit of hassle - especially if you are not comfortable with manually looking for files and folders in Windows Explorer, but it is the only way to insure that SE will install cleanly with the same folder and registry structure as original FSX.

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